Sunday, March 6, 2022

Monday, March 7, 2022, Sam Acker

The puzzle's starred theme answers are all dishes best served cold, like revenge, according to today's proverb about delayed retribution. For this solver, tastiest place is a toss up between ICECREAM and PASTASALAD, followed by GAZPACHO. I've never had JELLIEDEEL, but I'm still putting it at the bottom of the list. Well, I might prefer it to revenge, come to think of it. Revenge is, not at all to my taste and is, in fact, one of my least favorite things. IMO, it's an idea/act that should be roundly repudiated rather than treated as absolutely necessary in so many of today's movies and TV shows. But, that's not why I called you all here. Let's get back to the MEET of the matter. 


I wasn't GAGA about the clumps of ABCS holding the grid together (NHL, DES, SRI, RBI, NOV, STD), but I was AMUSED by the word GASP because it brought to mind a favorite Burnistoun skit. Also, SPREE is fun and I learned the word/phrase UPFAKE for a pretend shot in basketball lingo - GAM on! I also liked "Conclude use of a computer, e.g." (LOGOFF). 



  1. My favorite part was the triple stack of SKOPJE, WALRUS, and INDIGO. Those were all fun answers.

    As for the cold dishes, I suppose that seems like a summer thing rather than early March, but even if so it isn't something to create a lot of DRAMA about.

  2. Once again - ONCE AGAIN - I was tripped up by a "group of whales" *not* being a POD. Aside from this, a nice easy relaxed sub-3 Monday crossword.

  3. The correct order, for me, is PASTASALAD, then ICECREAM, then nothing.

    And Philbo - I somehow learned GAM before Pod, so I usually have difficulty when it's not gam. Also including "tripped up" and "sub-3" in the same comment probably indicates incorrect usage. :)

    1. It was only a slight stumble. :) I'd gladly try JELLIEDEEL if it were put in front of me. Maybe someday.......

  4. Hand raised for POD before GAM. And for me, the correct order is ICE CREAM.