Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Jamey Smith

I never metonymy I didn't like - at least in today's puzzle. I think that's more or less what's going on with today's theme - although if there's a specific name for location-based metonymy, I don't know it. For each theme clue, the answer is the place that represents the indicated industry. So we have NASHVILLE for the country music industry and DETROIT for the automotive industry. The only one I'd never heard of was KSTREET for the lobbying industry. I'm sorry there is such a thing as a lobbying industry, which makes me less sorry that I didn't know that answer. On the upside, it's pretty nice that the constructor was able to get 6 such entries into the grid without sacrificing the rest of the puzzle to the theme industry. :)


A smooth solve overall, with some fun clues like "'Think OMG! OMG!'" for PANIC and the fun "Major or Minor in astronomy?" for (URSA). Fill-wise, there's a lot of good unusual material like COIF, ROSIN, CLOAK, CHISEL, and ANDROID, with only occasional spots of ESC, NSC, and TVMA. TIPSY and CANOODLE are especially nice. 

I did hit one snag when I entered 'vide' for "Sous-___" instead of CHEF, but I corrected it when I got to "National symbol" which I thought had to be (and was) FLAG

That's my POST for today. ¡Hasta maƱana!



  1. I fell into the void of VIDE as well!!

    Update : just booked myself into the Friday pre-ACPT "Cru" buffet. The pieces are falling into place!

  2. Ditto for "vide."

    We're not doing the CRU dinner this year, but we're planning to get to the hotel in plenty of time for the fun & games at 8:00. We should try to meet up, Philbo. Usually, they ask people to form groups of four, and with you, Frannie, Colum, and I, we'll have a team! :)