Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Mary Lou Guizzo

As something of a woman myself, dear Readers, I enjoyed today's theme answers celebrating women Nobel Prize winners, on this International Women's Day. Lamentably, I was only able to enter one of the named women from the clue: MARIECURIE. Bonus women include ADELE, ENID, MAMAS, and IDA B. Wells, plus Bacall and Amanda Gorman on the clue side. Other lady-like words include PRIM, SRA, and MAUVE. :) 
63D: IDA

Fill-wise, I enjoyed PARCEL and CAMEO. Clue-wise I liked "Apple pick?" (IMAC), "Fathom or foot" (UNIT), "Successful singer or producer of popular music" (HITMAKER), "A hot one makes a good impression" (IRON), and "Computer command" (ENTER). I was surprised by AIRARM as the answer to "Military aviation wing." I was able to CRUISE through this one to a fast-for-me solve time of 5:38.


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