Monday, January 30, 2023

Monday, January 30, 2023, David Steinberg

Monday, Monday. Sometimes a Monday will hit you RIGHTBETWEENTHE EYES. As in, "in a sudden and completely apparent way." Huh? 

"Thar SHE blows!"

So, the circled letters spell "nose," and they each appear between two "I"s, and so the revealer makes sense in that way, but what's all this "sudden and completely apparent way" stuff? Is that a way that people use that expression? Is it referring to your nose being right between your eyes? As plain as the nose on your face? That sort of thing? No. Maybe it's a regional thing? Me, I might say "right in front of your face," or something like that. But then, I'm no scholar of idiom.

Well, let's put the theme aside, shall we? I'm a big fan of DEVILEDEGGS, with or without paprika, (No HARDCAP!), and RECANT is a nice word. Any reference to a Deadly SIN (Greed, gluttony or sloth) or ABBA (Not drawing any connections here...) is fun, and I guess it's nice to include a reference to a BERG (Chunk floating in the Arctic Ocean) while we still can. Sigh.

Big revelation for me today - I had no idea that ARTHUR was an aardvark. He doesn't look much like one, frankly, but then, I'm not a cartoonist. 

I enjoyed the clue for DINERS (Certain restaurants ... or their customers), but is "HAT tip" as common a phrase as "HAT trick?" 

Always nice to be reminded of my sister SUE, who is a REAL saint in my EYES

See you tomorrow!

- Horace


  1. Whee! Loved this one! It's so whimsical and silly and fun...and sure, Horace, RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES is as it's defined. DEVILED EGGS are delicious...I don't think the paprika adds so much to the taste but rather the appearance. A tip o' the HAT to David Steinberg! :-)

  2. This one took me a couple of minutes longer than a typical Monday, but I can't quite put my finger on why right at the moment. Favorite answer: THISISANOUTRAGE, famously attributed to "The Mighty Boosh"'s Tony Harrison as his octopus character. Decent puzzle. I guess Kelly's generally correct about the paprika, but we sometimes used the "smoked" variety, which adds some flavor.