Sunday, January 8, 2023

Sunday, January 8, 2023, Wyna Liu


Everybody loves a meta-puzzle. Today's trick - as is given away in the Note - is to take all the letters that can be derived phonetically from the blanks in the theme clues (it's always so convoluted to try to describe these things...) and then to put them together into two words, which are (drum roll please) "Sounds Good." It goes with the whole "sounding out the vowels" thing. Also, it's Elvis Presley's birthday today, so that's nice.


What's more, I liked the unclued answers quite a bit. PRINCESSDI, AUCOURANT, EUPHORIC, ROSEGARDEN... such good entries.

I enjoyed "Path covered with diamonds" (CARPOOLLANE). Clever. And I both sides of the C/AP were good on THINGY (Doohickey), SCOOTS (Vamooses), and "[Is this thing on?] (TAPTAP). And who knew MRTOAD's ride ends in HELL? Is that true?

I did not know OSCEOLA (Influential leader of the Seminole people) or  SITA (Hindu goddess in the "Ramayana"), but that didn't cause too much trouble. 

WELP, we're down in NYC today. If we knew where the crossword office was, we'd stop in and say hi, but since we don't, we're heading to Lincoln Center instead. Hopefully, La Traviata will play into crossword clues in the near future. :)

- Horace


  1. What a lovely puzzle! I enjoyed the meta a good deal. I also really liked 121A: Annoyances when trying to make change (LARGEBILLS). Excellent!

  2. Yes, this was a great one. I'm always amazed that I solve the NYC Sunday puzzle so quickly (for me), in just over 31 today. The LA Times puzzle, which appears in the Worcester Telegram on Sundays, always seems to take me longer and it's often not quite as clever. And I certainly hope that "La Traviata" sounds good. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing about it. I assume you're in the Parterre.

    1. We were not, sadly, in the Parterre, but it was still good. Quite a sad one. I mean, they're mostly all sad, but this one is particularly so.

  3. This was definitely one of those puzzles with a little extra for dessert. Great stuff! Oh, hi there.