Monday, January 9, 2023

Monday, January 9, 2023, Andrea Carla Michaels and Kevin Christian

ACDC - who doesn't like a theme built around that? Nobody, that's who. 

But seriously, how do they come up with these ideas? I'm starting to worry that I'll never be able to come up with a theme for a puzzle. I'm thinking I'll have to concentrate on a themeless... but I've also heard that the competition is fiercest for those. 


So anyway, back to the puzzle - five theme answers, and in each, "AC" and "DC" appear. And they're al perfectly cromulent answers.

I suppose ACTEDCOOL is the most random. The most "colorless green ideas sleep furiously." Although it's not actually nonsensical. ... nevermind.

So anyway, we're on the way back from NYC now. It was a great whirlwind visit. "Piano Lesson" on Friday night, Whitney Museum, Little Island, and High Line on Saturday, and then a Sunday matinée of La Traviata. And now, it's a lovely Acela ride all the way back to 128, and a quick drive home from there. If only I had a nice LEMONSODA to drink as I KICKSBACK in my cushy seat...

In the "fun words" bag, I will throw GELID (Frozen), ASKEW (Crooked, as a painting on the wall), STOIC (Showing no emotion) (ok, not exactly fun, but I love both the word and the attendant philosophy) (See also CYNIC), and, oh, why not, POLYP. It's ok if you think of it as a "Coral reef producer." Well... not really ok, PERSE, but better, anyway.

I enjoyed it. How about you?

- Horace


  1. That was fun but 2:31 easy. JACKANDCOKE? Ugh!! As a scuba diver (mostly these days a wannabe diver), I do like my POLYPs.

    Glad you had fun in NYC!!

  2. Fast for me, too, at 4:38. Rare that I'm under five on a Monday (or any day, by extension). Fun, too. Although ODDLY, PIE and PLIE both appear. And I agree with Philbo on JACKANDCOKE; never one of my go-to drinks, and at this stage in life, it's probably safe to say that it never will be. Maybe Sue and I will see some POLYPs (of the good kind) later on this year at the Great Barrier Reef. Sounds like a fun and event-filled NYC trip, just like I like.