Thursday, May 18, 2023

Friday, May 10 2023, David Distenfeld

A typically tough Friday puzzle today, solved through a bit of a fog (per yesterday's review, and the resulting sleep disruption).  I generally like to methodically work from NW to SE, but that wasn't doing the trick today, so it was hunt + peck until "California wine county" (SONOMA) really got things moving.  After that, it was slow and steady, sidetracked by AKIN instead of TOLD for "Related" in the SW corner (that'll teach me to throw in guesses with no cross-checking!).  Reached one last stubborn spot in the middle .. I should have known, but did not know, that PETRA was a ruined city in Jordan, and I stared at TAPIN for a one-handed put-back shot for the longest time before twigging that it was TIPIN, and then I was done.   

I thought Edouard MANET's "Luncheon on the Grass" would be a nice image for today's review, and in finding the above, I discovered that there's a MONET of the same name, and in the Monet version, there is actually a luncheon featured, whereas I see no luncheon in the Manet, and, arguably, insufficient clothing to boot.  A chacun son gout, etc. etc.! 

Fun stuff along the way - the first YouTube video to hit 10B views = BABYSHARK - of course!  I thought it was that Gangnam Style song, but no.  (By the way - for those Ted Lasso fans among you - is the Jamie Tartt chant the fans sing based on Baby Shark?)  And "Gov't facility in most world capitals except Washington" was a neat way to clue USEMBASSY.  (OHNOWISEE - indeed!)  

Finished at 9:31, which I think was slow, but I blame my fatigue today.


  1. Had a great time with this, really loving the clues! Ditto on TAP IN for 'way too long, trying to figure out RESHA?S. Finally the penny dropped. Terrific puzzle, great review, Philbo.

  2. Hope everything is okay with your jaw, Philbo! I enjoyed this Friday puzzle, and had the hardest time with the NW corner, which is where I ended up. That'll teach me to put in inANYCaSe.

  3. I've got to believe that Jamie Tartt's chant was based on Baby Shark, yeah. And Colum - same for me - ending up in the NW. ARTIE Lang? Never heard of him. And Benjamin HICK? I did enjoy the clue for MILK (What often comes with a spoiler alert?)