Monday, May 1, 2023

Monday, May 1, 2023, Alina Abidi and Matthew Stock

Rabbit, Rabbit! 

Do any of you out there say that on the first of the month? My mother used to say it, and I have no idea why, but now I do too.

FOG in San Francisco

And speaking of animals, that's today's theme! Coincidence? I don't th... oh ok, probably. There's the RATRACE, a SALMONRUN, the FOXTROT, a CATWALK, and a BEARCRAWL. That's animal+activity. And if you go from the bottom up and right to left, it's crawl-walk-trot-run-race. There's a nice left-right symmetry, and there's no revealer. I like it. You could almost imagine that the black squares toward the middle of the puzzle look like the nose of some animal - dog? bear? and those things at the top could be eyes... or hey, they could be flopped over rabbit ears! OOH! Maybe this is a Rabbit Rabbit puzzle after all ... no ... that's probably just my NOODLE going a little CAPRESE...

It seemed like there were a lot of threes and fours, and we ended up with a little AMAN, MMA, MAA, MOO, OTS, MRI, GMC, ETC. But then there were some nice entries too. TOURIST, SANDART, ENDEMIC, and GASLIT were all good. And the aforementioned CAPRESE. Mmmm... caprese... 

Overall, a fun Monday and a good start to the week.

- Horace

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