Monday, May 8, 2023

Monday, May 8, 2023, Catherine Cetta

Greetings, dear Readers! Frannie here to take a rennet today’s puzzle, which is right up my alley. Who doesn’t love a grid just Boursin with cheesy smiles? Groups of circled letters are names of cheeses in the shape of a smile, combining a photographer’s spoken request (SAYCHEESE) with the desired result. From top left to bottom right we are offered five cheeses: CREAM, EDAM, FETA, SWISS, and BLUE. Although I am what some would describe as a fussy eater, I have yet to meet a cheese I don’t like: any kind of cheese is gouda nuff for me.



In what I hope is bonus theme material, we get a good companion to a plate of cheeses: WINERY, along with a warning that too many such gustatory extravagances might result in the need to REFIT ones clothes.

The grid is packed with culture-al references both past and present with entries like NINA Simone, ALAN Turing, Jay LENO, FACETIMED, and GROUPHUG. Going whey back, we also have ELBA (Napoleon’s ex-isle) and TSAR (“Russian title derived from ‘Caesar’”).

In the main, the solve was a brie-ze for this puzzler, with only one hard spot. When I read the clue “Map box” I decided it was probably a thing that contained maps, rather than a box that appears on maps (INSET). A box *on* a map never o’curd to me. What a cheddar head!



  1. Very nice puzzle, and very nice review. CARRY ON!

  2. Wow. Nice review, Frannie. I just don't have the emmental ability to carry a gag like this through to maturity. Good (B)eaufort!