Friday, May 5, 2023

Friday, May 5, 2023, Jacob McDermott

An attractive Friday grid with nice chunky corners today, and a few WISECRACKS (Silly sallies) (Hah!). 

I had false starts in almost every quadrant - I went with the more common Jean instead of HANSARP, I had heart rate before PULSERATE, and game one before BOOKONE (Series opener). And I can never remember how to spell Telly SAVALAS. I guess maybe now I will remember it. It's all As, just like cemetery is all Es. ... Do you have things like that in your head, too? I guess everybody must. Like the classic "righty tighty lefty loosey," or that "stalactites hold tight to the ceiling." My brother also pointed out to me a while ago that stalactite has a C for ceiling, and stalagmite has a G for ground. 

OK, where was I? What did we decide to call clues like "That's incredible!" for TALLTALE? I think it was "False Imperative Clue," or FIC. And there's a nice callback to Tuesday's puzzle in "They may be shaken, but not stirred" (FISTS). 

"One way to reach a distant star" (FANLETTER) was cute. I liked learning the term "Owl-light" for DUSK - I might have to work that into a poem sometime... and who doesn't enjoy thinking about FONDUEPOTS (Holders of many long-handled forks). Mmmmmm... fondue...

Some long answers POPPED a little less, like ITSUPPORT and the somewhat related DATALOSS, but overall, this was a fine Friday.

- Horace

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