Friday, May 12, 2023

Friday, May 12, 2023, Enrique Henestroza Anguiano

Sorry for the late review, dear Readers. I kept thinking I would get to it after getting out my ARTPENCILS and I designed and making two t-shirts, after I did the laundry, then after I raked the yard, and then as soon as I cleaned up our three-season porch in preparation for our guest coming to our house this evening, and finally, after I cleaned myself up - TMI? Not much of a MEDAY, in any case. Anyhoo, the reality is that I didn't do any of the above, as you, clever Readers, may have already guessed. Now, our guest is on the porch with us, and Horace says, "did you write the review?" It was at that moment that I realized I had not. So, here I am, writing the review, without benefit of the app on which I solved the puzzle, and with benefit (?) of a glass of Oban, and, in a hurry so I can visit with our guest. 


I *think* I solved the puzzle relatively quickly for a Friday - something around the 13 minute mark, if memory serves. I do remember that the most difficult section for me was the southwest. Fortunately, eventually, I was able to clear the static and tune in NEWSRADIO, which I remember vaguely, but never really watched. ANTIGONE was slower to come to center stage. BEERAMID, il faut l'admettre, is pretty amusing. 

I do remember having some discomfiture with the clue "Doktor alternative" (HERR) because as I understand it, if you are entitled to one or more honorifics in German, you use them *all* - not one or the other.

I think you have some sense of my current IDEAMAP, and must, therefore realize that I have to cut this short. Until tomorrow, dear Readers. 


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