Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Wednesday, May 24, 2023, Kavin Pawittranon and Nijah Morris

Well, darn it. Our constructors today are making it very difficult for me to refer to my recent vacation. The best I can do is say I saw several excellent examples of an APSE. I mean, truly massive ones at St. Paul's in London and at the cathedral in Canterbury. Ah, gothic and baroque architecture.

But it's a fun puzzle nonetheless, referencing that great game of my childhood, PACMAN. We used to play the second version, Ms. Pacman, endlessly on our Atari home computer. I had no idea what was coming until the revealer at 68A. I love the theme answers and how they disguise the aha moment so well. Particularly WAKAFLOCKAFLAME. That's some great stuff!


Fun clues today include:

19D: Last thing to go in a pocket, one hopes (EIGHTBALL) - unexpected shift to pool.

23A: One who is one, e.g. (BABY). Took me a bit to parse that.

30D: Bat an eye, say (FLIRT). 

I also liked the symmetry of SUNTEA and ICEAXE. A good Summer-Winter axis there.

I had a slight challenge with the SE corner, where MYB didn't come into focus for a while. Otherwise the puzzle flew by in 4:12. A fun and expectedly odd Wednesday.

- Colum

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