Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday, May 28, 2023, Chandi Deitmer and Taylor Johnson


Fun theme today, revealed by a phrase from the "Bachelor" TV show: CANISTEALYOUFORASECOND. In four paired answers, a U travels from the left answer into the right answer, and hilarity ensues. Sometimes we rank the pairs in order of funniness, but today that has already been done for us, as they progress from top to bottom.

In the first, the missing U from LEISURESIT (Enjoy a La-Z-Boy recliner?) goes to SUITUPFRONT (Head exec?). This one's really more of a "huh, ok" than a laugh. 

Next, ITSALOSTCASE ("My luggage has gone missing!"?) gives its U to COLDCAUSE (Germs from day care, e.g.?). And that got a smile.

CAKEDONTS (Things to avoid when baking desserts?) took me far too long to get (because I don't think I've ever made any :P), but once I did, DONUTDESPAIR (Sadness at the last Boston cream being taken, e.g.?) fell right in. And who hasn't experienced that at least once in their life. 

Finally, THISOLDHOSE (My garden waterer that's seen better days?) and PANTYHOUSE (Shopping destination for your underwear needs?) got an actual laugh. Hah!


In other areas, I was happy to see SHOGI in the grid. I really enjoyed this game as a youth, but it was extremely hard to find anyone who wanted to play. It was kind of like chess on steroids, and it was already hard enough to find people who wanted to play chess. Sigh. 

I enjoyed the pairing of ORGY (Bodily function?) (heh) and PORNSTAR (One who's barely acting?) (guffaw) ... (add FLESH and LURID and we're really getting somewhere!), but I fear I may have AGEDOUT of both categories... sigh. 

"Drive home?" was tricky for USBPORT, and "Northwestern follower" (EDU) took me forever! And I'm just getting "What a pump might squeeze" (TOE) now. Hah!

Overall, an enjoyable solve on this beautiful New England spring morning. I hope you are all relaxing today and that you have a moment to enjoy this holiday weekend. I'll see you AGAIN tomorrow.


- Horace

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  1. I really liked the theme here. Particularly that the two paired answers essentially traded words that differed only by the U, and they both worked. Lots of fun.