Friday, June 2, 2023

Friday, June 2, 2023, John Ewbank

When you hear DERIVE (Reach through reasoning) doesn't it make you think of the song "Young at Heart?" "And if you should survive to a hundred and five / Think of all you'll DERIVE out of being alive / And here is the best part, you'll have a head start / If you are among the very young at heart." No? Well, it does me.

DONKEY, ASS, Who ever came up with this?

What else? I haven't seen "Source Code," but TIMETRAVEL wasn't the first thing that came into my head when trying to remember "Donnie Darko." And I don't think I've seen either "Dune" or "Flash Gordon," so SPACEOPERA didn't come quickly either.

On the other hand, I knew "One working with a set of keys" would be instrument-related, but I needed crosses before PIANOTUNER rang out. And similarly "General motor?" with its question mark was calling for something tricksy, so ARMOREDCAR could not withstand the crosses for long. Heh. Hey, I'm trying here...

The SW was positively Classical what with ACHILLES (Styx figure) UPTOp, and the CUPBEARERS (Attendants at a saturnalia) marching down the middle. And hey, there's Latin in there too (Post hoc, ERGO propter hoc)! And it's only a causal fallacy sometimes, right?

I like the grid shape. Everything is so open, and there's just that one pin down the middle. And speaking of, don't you wish EVERESTBASECAMP (It's an uphill climb from here) ran up from the bottom? No? Well... 

I enjoyed this one. Nothing really earth-shattering, but solid all the way through. 

- Horace

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  1. A beauty! And a fun solve! CUP BEARERS was the most challenging for me, but then nobody ever asked me to a saturnalia. :-)