Thursday, June 1, 2023

Thursday, June 1, 2023, David and Karen and Paul Steinberg

One for the math nerds among us. Three times fractions equaling "half" are used in the Down answers, while the spelled out numbers work for the Acrosses. And if that sounds a little complicated, it is. Let's see if I can show what I mean...

60A: "Made amends" is answered with AT[ONE]D, and 63A: "Reliable, to a lender" is CREDI[TWO]RTHY. And the "one" and the "two" line up one over the other, making 1/2, which is used in the answer TOP[ONE][TWO] (Inning part when the visiting team bats). "Top half." GOTTHAT? The other fractions are 4/8 and 2/4, if you're interested, but I'm not going to write out all that. 

It was slow to come to me, perhaps because deCAF worked so well for "Coffee with less kick" (4/8CAF), but I think it was finally NOT2/4BAD (Pretty darn good) combined with I[TWO]NTHURT (Doctor's reassurance before a shot) and PETIT[FOUR]S (Small, fancy confections) that broke it open for me. 

I thought "Calling for tails, maybe" (FORMAL) was a great clue, and the connected "Food that's folded" (TACOS) and "Food that's rolled" (SUSHI) was a nice touch. "Settings for naval gazing?" (SEAS) was cute, and it's always nice to be reminded of "Christopher Robin's 'silly old' chum" (POOH). Heh. 

A nice start to the Turn. 

- Horace


  1. Easiest Thursday I can remember solving.

  2. I had a harder time than expected. I too (two?) was fooled by deCAF. I guessed PETIT[FOUR]S but couldn't see how that would work with the down answers. I had to finish the entire puzzle before I got the trick. Woof.