Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016, Joel Fagliano


Clothing puns. HAH! Nice one, Mr. Fagliano. It's something that seems so improbable, yet when you read all the theme answers you think, why haven't I heard these before? They're so perfect! Well, except maybe for 74A: The plumber wore a ... TUBETOPANDCLOGS. Can you just imagine? I know I'm supposed to think gender-neutral and all, and sure, maybe a female plumber would wear this combination, but the mind travels first, unfortunately, to the stereotypical plumber type, and there's already enough cleavage on view with that image, if you'll pardon me for saying so.

Still, if we're imagining these outfits, the TURTLENECKBOAANDCROCS (62A: The reptile expert wore a ...) would be, perhaps, even more disturbing to see. Hahhahahhaaha... The most plausible, and the funniest, perhaps, is saved for last - 103A: The happily unemployed person wore ... SLACKSANDLOAFERS. "APT!"

So great theme. What else? Well, 1A: Upbeat (CHIPPER) gets a B+. It's both a fun word, and it's the name of one of my brother's dogs. And that's not all - there's lots more to like in this. 1D: One looking to serve mankind?, for example - CANNIBAL. Ha! The word SPRITZED (13D: Applied, as cologne) is a lovely word, and MIASMAS (38D: Noxious emanations) is too, albeit unpleasant in reality. 81A: Two for a buck" (ANTLERS) is cute. TAPENADE (74D: Dip made with olives, capers and anchovies) is delicious. Like I said, lots to like.

LETATCESTMOI (15D: Famed claim from Louis XIV) went right in, but the other French entries - CANARDS (64D: Baseless rumors), SABOTS (35A: Wooden-soled shoes), and PISTES (82D: Downhill ski runs) (tried "slopes") took a few crosses.

There's very little to complain about. Thumbs up!

- Horace


  1. 24:28
    Are these fast times going to be the new normal for Sundays? Nice pairing of ONRAMP/EXITLANE, and should we throw in TOOTER (which thankfully was clued with a horn reference)? I enjoyed SANDM as well as SKINNY (58D Dope). I agree on SPRITZED (excellent word), and who doesn't love a good BEET borscht? LAWOMAN, of course, went right in, as did KLINE, SULU and DEPP. And the rest of the puzzle, for that matter, although the final across (113A Sex ed topic) CONSENT took all of the crosses, as I was thinking of grosser things. I thought of ET59's CHIPPER with 1A, as well, even though Sue favors her niece Beijing.

  2. Outstanding Sunday puzzle. I would like to move that Mr. Fagliano do all of the Sunday puzzles for the rest of our lives, in perpetuity. Thank you very much.