Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016, John Lieb

0:06:29 (F.W.O.E.)

I might as well write this review right now, since I can't look at the TV. And speaking of that, UTAH (1A: Zion National Park's state), which was my first confident answer, gets an F, because it is a red state. Oops, did ISLIP a little politics into the review? Sorry, not sorry.

Moving on.

The theme today is both sports-related and punny, so you've got a good chance of annoying quite a few solvers. I guess my favorite is BRINGTHEHEAT (25A: "Coach, get 'em to today's game" [N.B.A.]).

I like the non-theme material better today. ARTCRITIC (3D: Gallery-frequenting writer) and POWERSUIT (33D: Tailored wear imparting confidence) (Power pantsuit?) are two nice long verticals, and is DONTSTOP (10D: 1992 Clinton campaign song) also political?

My error in the puzzle came at PLOPS (38A: Falls into a La-Z-Boy, say), where I put in fLOPS and never looked back. But my real error was trusting the electorate.

I admit it, I SCARE easily, and sitting here in front of my muted TV is not good for my heart. If EVIL triumphs tonight there will not be enough UGGS in the world to describe how I feel. And even if Clinton does pull this out, the feeling will be far from JOYOUS. How can nearly half of this country support this year's republican candidate? Well, at least it looks like my home state will vote to legalize marijuana... but honestly, I might have to go straight to the HEROIN.

Good luck, America.

Horace out.


  1. 7:42
    BOSCO, of course, reminds me of the great Seinfeld episode where George has that as his secret ATM password, so that's excellent (and went right in, even though I've never tried the stuff since we were a Hershey's powder family). Also, even though they're both partials, ASTR and TRIG are nice to see in the grid since they're two of my favorite things. COUNTTHESTARS and CATCHSOMERAYS (cosmic?) are my favorites of the theme answers. When is HST going to be clued with our friend, the great Hunter S. Thompson? That's my main complaint.

  2. 4:29
    Ah, the crossword. That oasis from the evils of our daily lives, the miasma of our political scene, from the horrors of watching... well. You get the picture. So my only complaint today is that it went too quickly. I refuse to complain in any other way about this fun thing we get to do every day.

    1. Oh, and furthermore, PHOEBE is lovely to have in the puzzle.