Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017, Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen

Mixed Results

We got a whole paint box of fun today. Well-known phrases and titles that feature color words went across and down, but the colors were a little off. It was like being too close to a Monet. Only when you stood where the two colors cross paths were the answers' true colors revealed. Horace and I got through the puzzle with flying colors. The one slow down was at 45A. (1973 #1 hit for Jim Croce). We knew the result was meant to be brown, but weren't sure of the correct mix of source shades. It turned out to be GREEN and RED - interesting! HASHGREENS is kind of funny on its own, but probably something best avoided in real life.

I thought there was a lot to like today. The puzzle entertained with a good mix of content, smooth flow, and some twists gave it a humorous tint. :)

A few favorites:
39A. Possible subject of a French scandal (AMIE) - great word. :)
56A. First and last word of the Musketeers' motto (ALL) - I'm reading one of the Musketeer sequels right now.
60A. Degree in math (NTH) - ha!
68A. Target protector, perhaps (MALLCOP) - clever.
102A. False start? (PSEUDO) - it works on so many levels!
46D. Delighting? (OUTAGE)

I also liked seeing TENDBAR, RYES, and ENIGMA.

Huygens probably enjoyed CATSUIT, HEINIE, and EUNUCHS today - just kidding about the last one - kidding again! I think we all know which one he probably didn't enjoy.

94D. South American prairie (LLANO) and 102D. Fruit tree (PAWPAW) were new to me, but gettable - like I like!

I tried to find a few red flags to mention, but it was a no go. Now, we're off to get some lunch before the Championship Playoffs. Good luck everyone!



  1. 31:30
    A bit fast for a Sunday, but the theme makes up for it. SNOOTY is good, as is BRUISERS. I didn't love ABBACY, but I'm sure it's OK. I wanted Whig at 1A Martin Van Buren was the first president who wasn't one (WASP). Also, I tried bartend where TENDBAR goes. I did, indeed, enjoy CATSUIT and HEINIE, Frannie, as well as RYES, although I've been enjoying Kentucky Bourbons lately in preparation for our visit there later this year. One must be ready.

  2. Awfully fast, but very fun. Never would have chosen to mix red and green to make brown, but you learn something new every day. I too loved MALLCOP's clue.

  3. I solved this in 40:17. In my defense, this was on my phone in bed at 1:00am at the ACPT in Greenwich, CT. On a more positive note I followed that up at 9am with a clean solve on ACPT puzzle #7 in 17 minutes. I thought "TANKUP" was a bit ridiculous, but enjoyed BRUISER. Whenever my sister used to being home a boyfriend, my mom called him a bruiser, and I never realized until doing this puzzle that it was a real word. Note: I think I had PAPAW for the fruit tree, but I agree it was gettable (but the hardest corner of the puzzle for me)