Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017, Paula Gamache


Well, the streak few knew about is now over. I hadn't had a single FWOE since March 1st, but today, where COLOMBO crosses NOBU I first entered an "e." I knew it was wrong as soon as I put it in. I should have left a known square empty, as I frequently do, so I can check things over before finishing, but I was in a rush this morning. I didn't really know the capital of Sri Lanka (sadly), and from the clue for 28D. Celebrity chef Matsuhisa (cooking's not my thing) I thought I wouldn't know that answer either, but I have heard of the restaurant Nobu, so I could have gotten it, if I had thought it through a little longer. Derp.

I'm on the fence about today's theme. Except for WHATSUPDC, which might be yelled out at a concert or by a radio host, the theme answers are a bit of a stretch, or, perhaps more appropriately, miss the mark. It is excellent that each theme answer is missing a different vowel. TYRANNOSAURUSRX is an amusing notion.

I thought 62A. Mental bloc? was a nice clue for the oft-seen MENSA. Call me ARTY, but my least favorite clue was probably 56D. The Cyclones of the N.C.A.A., for short (ISU).

We have an ample supply of Huygens material in here, especially in the bottom with PORNO, RUB, SKIN, and, maybe for the PROM set, DEN.



  1. 5:09
    NAST gets a C- for being tired. So tired. But otherwise I actually enjoyed this puzzle. INDOORCAT! Excellent.

  2. 7:43
    I didn't notice that each missing vowel was different. That's a nice touch. My least favorite is ZIPYOURLP, because... Zip what, exactly?

    There should be more kids named OSRIC today. That's a kickass name. Better than KANYE, if you ask me. HAH!

    I like the symmetrical SOAPOPERA and ASWESPEAK. Decent Wednesday, in my opinion.

  3. 11:12
    One second longer than yesterday's, if I remember correctly. PROM/DEN is a bit of a stretch for Huygens Material, at least for any proms attended by Huygens, but I agree with Frannie on the remainder of her suggestions, and would probably include TRICKS. I also agree with Horace on ZIPYOURLP; I didn't like that one at all. Other than that, though, nice Wednesday. Sorry about the broken streak, Frannie. Regarding the theme, the first three seem to be medical-related: DC (doc), MD, RX; and the bottom two music-related: LP, CD. That's something, isn't it? Maybe not.