Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017, Timothy Polin


It took me a little while to get into today's theme, but after entering a few of the theme answers, I ended up enjoying it. I was even able to use the element in 60 across to correct an error on a down and complete the answer (ROADSIDEDINER).  I had entered WOODsy instead of WOODED at 32D (much cuter), but when I saw that the element was NE, I knew that the 'y' had to be a big, big D. :)

I am fairly happy that I didn't know 67A. Chocolate -and-banana liqueur cocktail (CAPRI). DOESNT SOUND GOODY to me.

There were some clever clues TRUout (not that one), but, I did like 28D. Top story (ATTIC), 56A. Bomb developed in the 1950s (EDSEL), 84D. Issue for a noble family? (SCION), and 118A. One given a citation (SOURCE).

OTERI, SOT, ERR, and EELS all made ENCOREs today. I was sorry to learn about eel pie. YEW.

Remember how I didn't like the recent TEHEE? The same goes for TEPEE.

That's all I have time for today. YOLO!



  1. 43:27
    Would you believe that the "S" of SOURCE was my final entry today? Great clue. SEATAC was somewhere in the back of my mind, but it took most of the crosses. Of course I greatly enjoyed the puzzle, being science-themed, and happily it fell right into my 40-60 minute preferred time range for a Sunday. I put pizZa in at first where MATZO belongs, but things were corrected in short order. And I, too, entered WOODsy at first. EDSEL was brilliantly clued. POWS has to get a B-, no? And I loved the clue for BEIRUT (52D Foreign capital whose name sounds like a water passage to San Francisco). ILDUCE hasn't been in the puzzle for a little while. Not too much EDGY stuff today, though. The thought of eel pie is, indeed, unfortunate.

  2. I very much enjoyed this elemental puzzle. Elemental, but not elementary. That northeast corner held me up for several minutes. I too, Huygens, tried pizZa, even though it's not really a flatbread at all (once you take all of it into account, that is). I don't recall CECIL the sea-sick sea serpent at all.

  3. I put CECIL in without crosses! I had that book. Or a book, anyway. I can still picture him. And I'm pretty sure that I used to picture him while hearing "Puff, the Magic Dragon." Poor CECIL...

    Anywho, I find it amusing that pizZa fits in where MATZO belonged. And it's kind of a flat bread... sometimes restaurants even call their pizzas flatbreads. But sure, the dough usually has yeast, so maybe not technically one.

    I, too, enjoyed this one.