Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019, Bredan Emmett Quigley


Well, the puzzle and I were ATODDS today. I had severe problems in the south west, partly because I am not familiar with CARDIB or BALINESE cats and I couldn’t think of CARLOPONTI’s first name, and partly because I confidently entered PARdon for “Can opener?” instead of PAROLE which blocked the correct answers of the few I might have gotten in that corner. It seemed the MOAI tried, the LESS I succeeded. OHME. Being pressed for time didn’t help. I had to finish the puzzle and write the review before we arrived in Stamford, so I decided to give up and get the answers from Horace so I could get going on the review. Not a great start to the ACPT weekend for this solver. I like to think that in a different MULTIVERSE, I solved this one in record time. J

Some fun clues that I did get were:
“Sound from a pen” (OINK)
“Place for a medallion” (TAXI)
“Ex amount” (ALIMONY) – ha!
“Footloose” (UNSHOD)

I also liked the triple I in WIIITIS, and I think the word BRAINED is amusing. And ONESOCK? We’ve all been there.

Considering the number of entries I had no knowledge of (President THIEU, Brian SIPE, Auctor ESSE, Santa INES, and SKALDS), I was glad I was able to complete as much of this puzzle as I did. So, kind a frustrating Friday, but I’m not one who STAYSMAD. On to the tournament!


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  1. 26:55 (FWOE)
    The BALINESE/INES cross got me, only because after getting the INE_, I guessed a z without looking at the cross. After finishing, I asked Sue about the BALINESE entry since she formerly subscribed to "Cat Fancy" magazine, but she'd never heard of the breed. In addition to Frannie's likes, I enjoyed PIEALAMODE, NATURES and ACEVENTURA, where I wanted whatever the lead's name is in "Hawaii Five-O" or Tom Selleck's character in "Magnum PI." I'm not too sure of 42D Rational (MENTAL), but I guess it's OK.