Thursday, March 7, 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019, David Steinberg

9:40 (FWOE)

Okay, so I don't like raw fish. Does that mean I should be penalized for thinking SUSHIRICk could be a thing? After all, you might buy a CASk at a package store (31D: Liquor store purchase (CASE)). I mean, if the package store was from the 17th century, at least.

Wow, it's been a tough week for this solver. But this is a pretty good themeless for a Friday. I'll note URI and REI and LAN, but otherwise it's quite clean. It's got some tough clues, such as 14A: Over (ANEW) and 36A: Snap (PIC). These fall into the category of hard because they're so nonspecific and open to multiple interpretations.

Also nice is 48D: What might follow a crack (HAHA) and 53A: Something to do at home? (BAT). One thing I was not fooled by (for once, finally) was 23A: Miscellaneous part? (SILENTC). I've learned some lessons, apparently.

Then there is the symmetrically placed pair IJUSTMIGHT and ILUCKEDOUT.  As in "I just might see CONAIR," and then "I lucked out, because Con Air was sold out, so instead I saw Men in Black."

The middle staircase is not as zing filled as you might like, but it's an impressive stack of five 9-letter answers. 33A: Red or white container (WINEFLASK) is good, as is 34A: What a whole lot of kisses might result in (SUGARRUSH). Raise your hand if you thought of mononucleosis first. No? Only me?

Anyway, what with the wine, the case, and the CORKAGE fee, I'm feeling a little tipsy. See you tomorrow!

- Colum


  1. 19:13
    I would love to have a nearby package store selling casks. I'd clear out room in the cellar! :)

    I have a complaint about 1A: Things cotton pickers pick (PODS). Shouldn't that be "bolls"? I know it doesn't fit, but who has ever heard of a cotton "pod?" No one. It's not a thing.

    Also, CORKAGE fees are for when you bring your own wine, right? So why would you do that at a fancy place? Wouldn't you just get a bottle there?

    Also, what's up with NIIHAU? It's still privately owned. Weird.

  2. 30:50
    I tried to fit "bolls" in at 1A, and was upset with PODS, too. Also, like Horace, I'd make room for a cask or two in my cellar. I tried WINEgLASs at 33A and was encouraged with a few of the crosses, but then I was somewhat dismayed by AgRICA, which isn't a place, and MUBARAs, who, if he is a person, was not a president. I knew it wasn't an American president referenced right off, because we didn't have one whose term ended in 2011. What, Colum likes neither raw fish nor CONAIR? NIIHAU went right in for this solver because Sue and I considered going there, but our only option was to sign up for a hunting trip for around $3,000 a pop, on a helicopter; two things that didn't interest us too much. The hunting trip, as described to us, would consist of the helicopter landing, us walking up to a herd of deer and shooting one (they don't run from humans there) and then heading back to Kauai. Non-residents aren't allowed to walk around on NIIHAU, and the harvest would be returned by others for the hunters. They make some nice, intricate necklaces on the island out of tiny shells (a dying art as more of the youngsters choose to move away from their home-island), but Sue didn't purchase one. I tried hooveR where JEDGAR goes, but only one of the crosses worked. I hope to never hear a DISSTRACK. Tougher Friday than normal.