Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday, September 30, 2019, Lynn Lempel


I know I'm on a great week to review when I get Ms. Lempel (and I had Mr. McCoy yesterday!). Her puzzles are always smooth and fun to solve, and today's did not disappoint.

It's such a simple idea, it seems like it must have been done before. Standard phrases interpreted anew because the first part is a synonym for giving a bad review. 57A: Bash an Alex Haley classic? (PUTDOWNROOTS) was my favorite. What a great twist on a common phrase! And how ludicrous, as those of us who watched the TV miniseries in the 1970s will agree. LeVar Burton, am I right? Can I get an Amen? Or at least a Reading Rainbow?

The other theme answers weren't quite as amusing, and two of them relied on brand names for their punch line, but they're all solid nonetheless. And there five total themers in a 15 x 15 puzzle, which is impressive.
That's probably the reason there are no longer crossing answers. But it's still smooth as silk, and has room for fun Monday style clues like 1D: You need to sit down for this (LAP). Perfect! It's the second day in a row that 1D has satisfied. I'm now going to have to watch the remainder of the week to see if other constructors meet the standards set by yesterday and today.

Other things I liked included SASHA Obama. With PAPA and POTUS close by, I think Ms. Lempel is signaling her nostalgia for a better time. Also added to that is GORES and BOBDOLE. We were all so innocent in the 1990s. I also enjoyed AIRKISS, and of course, BLTS.

Enough YAK. I'm done.

- Colum


  1. 5:26
    Ah, PANPIPES, bringing to mind not only Puck, but Zamfir. Yes, nice theme today with not too much junk. I prefer an FLT to BLTS now that I know how to cook the facon properly, on nice TOASTED multigrain slices. TRASHPICKUPS continue to amaze me; one puts out garbage and recycling in the morning, and when one returns home, the buckets are empty! Fantastic. I one day hope to see a BLASTOFF, and to properly visit OAHU (we avoided the island on our Hawai'i 2011 trip).

  2. 4:59

    I chuckled at these themers, and at "Wardrobe supplies for Batman" (CAPES). Heh. And speaking of SASHA, her sister was just seen at our usual haunt! I wonder if we'll see her dad there someday.