Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, Ethan Cooper


Nobody loves the king of sandwiches more than I do. My family knows I order a BLT more frequently than any other thing on a menu. And I make a darned good one too. The keys to a good BLT? The bacon must be crisp, the tomatoes should be lightly salted, and the toast should have mayonnaise on both slices. Simple, straightforward. But few restaurants do it right, in my opinion.

The somewhat peculiar twist today is to take those letters, rearrange them in all other possible combinations (there are five), and use them as new acronyms for phrases. THINBLUELINE is probably the most recognizable, although it's usually seen with "the" in front. I sort of enjoyed reading down from the middle: LOWERBACKTATTOO? THISLOOKSBAD... I guess I was BORNTOOLATE. LOL!

In any case, there's not a ton of extra room after all of those theme answers to get to sparkling fill. You've got to love KVELL and ALEXIS de Tocqueville. I'm not so keen on SPACEX, or the pair of stereotyped sidekicks from old TV in KATO and TONTO. I do like some MOOSHU pork.

In other news, SUMTO is not really a phrase anybody uses. And ULTA is hitherto unknown to me, but Cece says it's acceptable.

So overall, I'd call it mostly a wash, but the BLT is making my mouth water.

- Colum

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  1. 8:02
    Well, I take an FLT, but I've lately learned that to make nice facon, one must use a good deal of EVOO and cook the feat very slowly so that it crisps up with good fat nicely. Then, like Colum says, the proper tomato and lettuce (nice, crisp green leaf) with plenty of mayo and great bread. Sue and I make them every now and again for a special treat. Anyway, nice idea for a puzzle, and nicely done with not too much to complain about. Although I don't like to see ADELE too much. PDIDDY looks great in the grid, although I'm not much of a fan. I love EPOCHAL; that's not used enough in regular conversation.