Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday, May 15, 2020, Christopher Adams


My first run through the puzzle resulted in only a few three- and four-letter gimmes here and there, including "Messenger __" (RNA), "Gilbert and Sullivan princess" (IDA), Portuguese king (REI), Superhero role for 50-Across (THOR), and Mixed martial arts org. (UFC). I am, of course, kidding about that last one.

The only place I really had any real trouble was in the northwest, although I must say I was lucky that 'grooves' didn't fit at 7A: (Lines on a record), or I might have had trouble in the northeast, too. The correct answer was the much more interesting and tricky: CRIMES. I also started with 'tat' instead of INK for "Body art, slangily", but that didn't last long. :) Oddly, I thought, I got BURNTORANGE (An official color of the University of Texas) much sooner than "Anna Wintour, e.g." (FASHIONISTA).

But, back to where I had LOTSA trouble. The first two down answers are names I'm not too familiar with (LILKIM and AMANDA), so no help there. Combine those with two rather vague clues "These feelings have got me pretty down" (IMNOTOK) and "What to do just before you're done" (LASTSTEP) - both doing what they were supposed to do by sowing confusion and hesitation - and I was left without MAMIE answers. I had also made the mistake of entering 'nest' where COTE was wanted. I did get ATS right away. Yay?

I'm not too familiar with PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter, but I love the rating category PANTSONFIRE. The clue "Video spots" for PIXELS was good, as was "Clothing line" for INSEAM. I'm guessing Huygens liked "One who's used to adding pressure?" (MATHLETE). And who doesn't love chocolate ECLAIRS?



  1. 6:50
    Very nice puzzle, but we all agreed here that TEENTSY was incorrect. It BEGAT some groans. But I very much liked the rest. Very smooth.

  2. 14:18
    I'm with Colum on TEENTSY; I even mentioned it to Sue after I read her the G&S clue since I figured she'd know it (I knew it from the clue, also). Other than the odd spelling of TEENTSY, though, this whipped right along for me, resulting in one of my fastest Friday times, though I don't think it was the fastest. I've never worn a BEERHAT (and don't plan to), and yes, I enjoyed MATHLETE.

  3. I love me a good fact checking site but I can never remember which one has the "pants on fire" rating, which one rates statements by number of pinocchios, etc.

    I'll see your "nest" and raise you a "CagE" because yes I had both of those before I was like, "oh yes, COTE, my friend and I were just discussing that because it was in a puzzle from a few days or weeks ago"