Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday, May 18, 2020, Christina Iverson


So yesterday my daughter gave me a haircut. She did a lovely job, and now I can hold out until New York opens up the barber shops. Oh, brave new world.

Meanwhile, Ms. Iverson pays homage to a classic board game. In truth, I never really liked MONOPOLY. Given what you need to do to win, it becomes a true drag in the latter parts of a game session. The most fun is in rushing around, buying properties, and then trading.

In any case, she's hidden multiple game pieces in the five theme answers. I didn't exactly get an aha moment because my solving took me right down the central diagonal stripe from NW to SE, so I got the revealer after only two theme answers were completed. Still, the hiding is done well, with IRONMAIDEN the strongest of the bunch in my opinion.

Of the five pieces hidden, three have been retired, namely the thimble, the iron, and the boot/shoe. Only the dog and the hat remain, which is fine, because everybody loves the dog.
The remainder of the puzzle is fine for a Monday. I enjoyed NOCANDO and DADSTOBE the most of the fill. There's a fair amount of reliance on crossword standbys like NENA, SYNC, and GUAC to hold it together, not to mention OER, VWS, and EEO. And nobody likes even one, let alone multiple DMVS.

But those are the tradeoffs for having so much strong theme material. On the whole, I enjoyed the solve, so I'm on the positive side, ATLAST.

- Colum


  1. But the shoe was the best! Oh well, the game is..... well been far surpassed by many better board games, but I digress.

    Don't think I have ever heard of THIMBLERIG so I needed all the crosses especially on the "rig" end.

    And it is a good thing the crosses on OURS were easy because that was high on my list for "at the tip of my tongue but not quite forming".

    Even in the world of YouTube celebrities I think VLOG is a slightly obscure word, but it wlis well enough known I suppose and the crosses for it were not hard.

  2. 6:20
    Even though I, like Mr. Kingdon, has not heard the term THIMBLERIG, it saved me from a FWOE because I'd initially entered NiNA at 24D, but knew that THIMBLiRIG wasn't correct. I don't take a dog around here, so I'd go with the iron in the unlikely event that I ever play Monopoly in my lifetime again (our board has one). A fine Monday puzzle, but a little upsetting that it took me more than twice as long to complete as Colum, and I didn't even INHALE before the attempt.

  3. 4:36
    I guess I like the tophat the best, but I'd take the thimble in a pinch.