Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tuesday, May 19, 2020, Trent H. Evans


Ooh! Tom Swifties! Those clever quotes which end with a descriptive adverb which is related in a punny way to the topic of the quote. Hard to explain, easy to get.

Today we get five examples, and in time-honored fashion, I'm going to rank them in the completely objective manner which is my personal opinion.

5. 17A: "This hot dog is absolute perfection!," said Tom ____ (WITHRELISH). It's cute, but really, isn't the condiment called relish because it adds said relish to the taste, in some people's opinions?
4. 61A: "Many thanks for your help in Paris," said Tom ____ (MERCIFULLY). Just like the first one, since "merciful" comes from the French for thanks. But more humorous.
3. 24A: "You're making a grave mistake," said Tom ____ (CRYPTICALLY). I like this one, actually, better on the second reading.
2. 47A: "I've learned my lesson about feeding the tigers," said Tom ____ (OFFHANDEDLY). Oh, that's good. And so topical, given everybody's obsession with Tiger King recently. Sadly, one of his keepers literally did lose a hand. And was surprisingly laid back about it.
1. 38A: "I can't find a flower for 'She loves me, she loves me not," said Tom (LACKADAISICALLY). Hah! That's brilliant. And it's 15-letter grid spanner. For the win.
ONEAL's finest moment?
There's some great fill here as well. I love 3D: View in order to mock or criticize, perhaps (HATEWATCH), which fits very well with PLOTHOLES in the symmetric space in the SE. As well as with the above topical reference.

I like a reference to Star Trek, but BEAMABOARD feels like a bit of a stretch. Mostly, people and objects were "beamed up," as I recall.

BESOT is wonderful.

- Colum


  1. 7:00
    I'd just switch around #s 2 and 1 in Colum's list, mostly because "___DAISI___" isn't a flower, but that's picking nits, I guess. I've never seen Shaq's "Kazamm," no doubt a take on "Shazam," and so cannot comment on whether that's his best moment. I did enjoy reading some "Shazam" adventures as a youth, though, so maybe I'd like it. Horace must've enjoyed all of the "Tom" references.

  2. 6:06
    All of these made me laugh. Especially the lower three. And you know what? I don't think I even took special note of the name "Tom" in the clue. I often don't read clues carefully enough. Although I did very much enjoy "Like New England fields" (STONY). Too soon!

  3. Funny you mention the non-presence of "daisy" because I ended up finishing with two errors on LACKeDAISeCAL (I mean I tried a few letters but not correct ones).