Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Tom Pepper and Zhouqin Burnikel


Fun theme today in which words for toys are combined with other words, making the revealer, THISISNOTATOY, apt. To be specific, we have MARBLECAKE, TOPPRIORITY, YOYODIETER, and perhaps least toy-like of all, RATTLESNAKE. Apt!

The puzzle played on the easy side form me - you might say I was NSYNC with co-constructors Pepper and Burnikel. I enjoyed thinking of ROMANS speaking ITALIANO INSTYLE. I also liked FANFEST, TOTALLIE, PHOTON, and EUREKA. I did enter 'clippie' at first for "Microsoft virtual assistant introduced in 2014," even though I knew the year was all wrong - sorry to UNCAP that memory for all who had managed to bury it. :| On a happier note, IRATE 1A: as today's most amusing entry: "Rapids transits?" (RAFTS) - ha! And, as a personal aside, I love CEREALS.

Seedless watermelon

Sure, maybe there were a few spoil sports in the grid like NAE, AOL, and especially ETA and SLR right after each other, but constructing a puzzle isn't child's play.



  1. My best misstep was rinD instead of SEED. I did find it puzzling when none of the crosses were working, and SEED was a "oh, the other discarded part" rather than a "oh yeah, that's better".

  2. 5:39
    Faster solve on a Tuesday than on Monday is rare for me, but there you go. I, too, Frannie, was NSYNC with the constructors. On the planet/astronomy/science side, I enjoyed PHOTON, HOLST and ORION (the latter of which, as clued, could be argued to be mixed up with astrology, of which I'm not a fan). I liked the SISI/SENOR in such close proximity to ITALIANO. I never heard of this "clippie" thing, so I was able to enter CORTANA right away. I have it, but have never used it. I'm not sure why using that type of thing is easier than just typing in search words when necessary, which is a rare occurrence for me as it is. I can't wait for a HEATWAVE!