Saturday, May 16, 2020

Saturday, May 16, 2020, Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen


I'm ending the week on a high note! Today's time is my third fastest this week, and the fastest after the turn. And not even the threat of a FWOE.

I was amused, but not fooled, by "Medium state" (TRANCE). "One watching the kids?" (GOATHERD) is also entertaining. I liked "Where many stop and smell the ros├ęs" (NAPA). And British slang, NOB, for aristocrat is just plain funny. My favorite clue of the day was "Substitute teacher?" (ROGET). Chortle.

I thought the pair of clues: "Doesn't travel, say" (DRIBBLES) and "Doesn't inhale, say (SAVORS) were clever.

The long downs in vertical stacks in the north and south were both good. I especially liked BLINDSPOTS and RUMORHASIT. Of the long horizontals, I liked "Just barely reacts" (BATSANEYE). Overall, a FUN puzzle and a SUPERDUPER finish to the week. :)



  1. 24:13
    Wow, that's some time, Frannie! I, too, had little trouble with today's grid, although my pace was more of a trot. I dropped both TRANCE and GOATHERD in off of the clues, oddly, but needed a few crosses for YACHTED, a word not often used by me. I entered yoga instead of CAMO at 1D, which slowed the NW fill-in for a time, and needed to really put the thinking cap on for the WAKANDA/WEBER/RAKE crosses, as I've yet to see that movie and don't deal too much in magnetic flux or gambling. Nice end to the week.

  2. 8:05
    Fun puzzle, with a lot of great fill. I had put in BALLADe, which pushed me out an extra minute or so figuring out the beginning of SUPERDUPER. eU___ looked possible...

  3. I wanted "It's down in the mouth" to be "delta" (as in, the delta of a river). But UVULA is nice too.

    This was a nice puzzle in the sense that few parts of the grid were completely smooth for me, but I also didn't really get stuck. Maybe I'll need to try Friday and Saturday more often.