Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday, August 14, 2020, Nam Jin Yoon


Today's solve was a group effort between myself, Cece, and Hope. Cece in particular got multiple tough answers. Trying to bring up the next generation of puzzle solvers!

We have often talked here at HAFDTNYTCPFCFA about the importance of hitting 1-Across out of the ballpark, metaphorically speaking. I mean, if you're a crossword puzzle constructor, that is. But how much more important is it on your debut puzzle? That's your real first 1-Across, of your whole NYT career. And Mr. Yoon, who's debuting today, has a great one.

1A: Noted work in which many different positions are discussed (KAMASUTRA) is excellent. I waffle as to whether the "noted" is really necessary. And in fact without it, there could be a nice misdirection towards "human resources" or something. But considering I went in that direction initially anyway, maybe it's not much of an issue.
The ALE I've been drinking on vacation

I've never come across a FLATWHITE myself, but then I'm not a coffee drinker so my worldview is limited in that direction. I really liked KAFKA and KATE McKinnon, and ASANAS echoed one of my other thoughts for 1A, a yoga class.

Other fun answers included LAWYERUP, SOLDIERS, and LAMPOONS. 12D: Words with friends on one's phone, say (GROUPCHAT) was a cute clue.

Perhaps my more fluent in French than I co-bloggers can correct me, but isn't it "chou-chou" as the term of endearment, not just CHOU?

I'd like to especially thank Cece for getting 24D: "Heyo" (SUP) off of the S. And in less than one split second after the clue came up.

Very nice Friday, complementing yesterday's fun Thursday. Can we complete the trifecta tomorrow? I have confidence.

- Colum


  1. Mon petit chou (My little cabbage) -- another, as you say, sparkling piece o' work! Loved every minute of it. Smooth as silk and a blast to solve!

  2. 15:18

    I dropped in KAMASUTRA off the clue and the NE fell in a hot minute, but later I got caught up in the South and it took a while before PELLGRANT finally came to mind, which helped clear things up.

    I'm not familiar with EYEOPENER meaning "Bombshell," but now I find it quite amusing that it's right over DONTSTARE.

    And yes, Kelly is right, CHOU is often used in the singular. In fact, I think that's the way it would more often be used in any truly affectionate way. The doubling would be more comic or silly, I think.

    Anyway, I, too, enjoyed this one quite a bit. GALOSHES, LAMPOONS, BANKRUPT, TOPSECRET - so much to like! The only one that fell flat for me was FLATWHITE. I drink plenty of coffee and coffee drinks, but I've never heard that name.

  3. 11:31
    Add me to the list of having never heard of a FLATWHITE. And yeah, I'll take up the DRUMBEAT that this is a great puzzle. It's definitely one of my fastest Friday solves, which is always nice for me. Shocking answers, though: KAMASUTRA (right over ATITAGAIN and near SERTA), PREGGO, BOUND, BODS, SIN and EYEOPENER.