Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Michael Paleos


I made relatively short work of today's puzzle, due, perhaps, to its delicious theme. Parts of four answers feature flavorings that combine to make an EVERYTHINGBAGEL. I enjoy the taste of poppy (POPPYFIELD), sesame, (OPENSESAME), and especially salt (VERUCASALT), but I would skip the onion - although I would like to see the ONIONDOMES of Moscow someday. OPENSESAME is nicely clued.  

I relished lox of other clues in the puzzle as well, including "Bit of progress, metaphorically" (DENT), "Man with a spare rib?" (ADAM), "What might be said in a horse voice?" (NEIGH), and my favorite, "High-occupancy vehicle?" CLOWNCAR. Ha! 

Two other clues showcase the ambiguity I enjoy:
"Provide an address" (ORATE)
"Canine's coat" (ENAMEL)

I also liked "Like Area 51" (OFFLIMITS). GANYMEDE, SMASHHIT, and RELIC make fine fill. 


By now, dear readers, you all know that I disagree with ASAP as an equivalent to "By yesterday" or similar, so I won't mention it again. 



  1. 7:58
    Nice start to the grid with TUNA, and I loved GANYMEDE and AURORA (which was a SMASHHIT when we were in Iceland). Maybe Frannie should work on onions in the same way that she's (mostly successfully) worked on eggs. An onion bagel is a real pleasure. This puzzle WENTBY pretty quickly for me, too, and MADE me smile a few times with its witty cluing, most of which Frannie has mentioned already. I don't know that we've ever seen EKEBY before, and MYGOSH, I'll take a ROME any time. Shout out to BUD!

  2. 6:24

    Very nice indeed. I think you two have called out most of the good stuff, but I'll just say that when I used to get bagels, which was never very frequent, and almost never now, since the two large bagel stores I used to patronize have left Harvard Square, I always got salt.