Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday, August 17, 2020, Alan Massengill and Andrea Carla Michaels


Today it's all about the beach, and what a shame that Colum just finished his week of reviews, because he was just on vacation at the beach! But maybe it only would have made him sad that he isn't there anymore ... or maybe he would have thought it wasn't appropriate anyway, since his beach did not have any palms in evidence (that I know of). Well, at least I posted a Colum-like time. I think that might be my fastest solve ever! :)

Supposedly, she's my age.

I enjoyed it while I was doing it, and now that I've reviewed all the entries, I AVOW that I think it was a good puzzle. Here's a little personal reason - sometimes when Frannie or I says something, and the other replies with "Is that so?," we will say IDEST. I suppose we could also say OUIOUI in LIEU, but that never happens. Even though we have both spoken much more French in conversation than Latin. 

Nice nostalgia with Stupid PETTRICKS, and who doesn't love the old VW BEETLE? Lollygags (LOAFS) is a fun clue, and WOOS at 1A makes me wonder when it will be ok to get the Woo Sox in the puzzle. They'll be the new Triple A farm team for the Red Sox and they will play in my home town - when, that is, the stadium is finished, and when they can actually play games again. Sigh.

I liked the theme, and the fill had some fun stuff. There are a fair number of gratuitous esses (STROLLS, AAHS, EYES, STIRS, AURAS, TACTICS, BROOMS, DIETSODAS, ADORES, ENDS, SHES, SOS (kidding!)), but who's counting. I call it a fun start to the week. 

Now I want to go to the beach!

- Horace


  1. 4:46
    Nice time, Horace! Oh but for the want of six seconds. Under five is great for me for a Monday, so I'll take it. Yes, Ms. Berry is our age; the T&G listed her birthday a few days ago. And the WOOSox stadium is still on track for completion and the start of the season for April of 2021. It would be nice to attend a few games since it's so close to us here at the YBH. But on another note, weren't you born in PA? Or are you just counting where you did the bulk of your growing as your "hometown?"

    1. Yes, you're right. Although Frannie likes to remind me that I am not a New Englander by birth, I do consider myself one, since my formative years, and all the years since college have been spent here.

  2. My favorite misstep on this one was ANon instead of ANEW. Quickly fixed through crosses but I'm just tickled that either answer fits that clue.