Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday, August 7, 2020, Tom Pepper


I was knocked out by a BODYSHOT today. I had all but the B, but I couldn't see how to make it into a drink of any kind ("Drink that's hard on the stomach?"), even after running the alphabet. I probably should have just guessed B since it works with BOFF, I guess, if anyone actually says such a thing. I still have no idea what the clue means, but I decided to give up and look up the answer so I could get the review written. 

I've seen OPEDPAGE as a "Place to get a variety of views" (or similar) often enough to drop that right in. In fact it was my only solid entry in the northwest for some time. Eventually, I finally guessed HATER for "Constant critic" and then I saw FANSITES, which led to OPAL, DENY, and FLY

In other areas, I liked MONAMI as a "Friendly term of address in France," but I was less sure about AURA for "Je ne sais quoi." I give it a Gallic shrug. In my world, "Stokes" has only the narrowest overlap with TENDS, but it is a Friday puzzle after all. I'm not familiar with BOCCI with a terminal 'i', but as far as I understand the situation, it's difficult for a snail to eNCH so I figured it out.


ONCLOUDNINE for "Sent" is nice, as is PLUM for "Choice." I thought "Hard to let go of, in a way" was a pleasantly tricky clue for TENURED. SPITITOUT made me think of Auntie Mame. I'm sure her comment would be, "how vivid." :) I haven't seen HARISSA in a puzzle before, but I have, happily, had it on my plate from time to time. I also liked SCOOCHOVER and EASTEREGG. I think my favorite today is POPO.

Well, I'm sorry to have DOGGEDIT today, but I'm glad to get the review up and shared with all of you before getting all ZEN for the weekend. 



  1. 12:45

    I'm with you, Frannie - I have no idea why BODYSHOT gets that clue, or, really, what a BODYSHOT even is. Is it an alternative to a "headshot" in shoot-em-up games? If so, why is "drink" in the clue at all? And if it's something else, like a shot that is poured onto someone's stomach, which I suppose is possible, then I'm a little surprised to see it at 1-Across.

    And I'm also frowning at the misspelled BOCCI.

    Other than that, and UTHER, ELEA, UBERED, CENSE, and CCC, I liked it fine.

    - Horace

    p.s. How the hell has the ZAGNUT bar been around for 90 years?! Those things are terrible.

  2. 30:38
    I'd never heard of a ZAGNUT, but the crosses were fine and Sue confirmed (after I finished the puzzle) that it's a thing. The BODYSHOT explanation eludes me, too, but it was the only reasonable answer since I had all of the other crosses. UTHER is something I'd not heard before today, and I liked the clue for NOYES, even though I'd not heard of that person, either. BOCCI without the "e" terminus is no good, and I had a little slowdown with HEDREN, where I'd initially entered an "o" instead of the second "e." ROACH could have been clued with a marijuana reference instead of the terrible insect, and BESOT is always nice. I've never had a CRONUT and needed two crosses for CCC which, indeed, is high-risk. Finally, _____OCEAN went right in off of the clue, but I needed crosses for the DANNY____ part, even though I've seen the more modern movies. A bit more difficult than a normal Friday, and I'll say right now that I finished the Saturday puzzle in less time, which is really odd.