Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Alex Bajcz


Today's DOUBLEDAY theme includes four two-part answers where each part can precede the word "day." As in, WEDDINGPRESENT (*Gift that comes with a hitch?) (wedding day, present day). VETERANSMEMORIAL, in the center, does another kind of double duty in commemorating today's "day." 

Cary ELWES as Westley

It was nice to see XIEXIE (Mandarin "thank you") in the grid, both because one doesn't find Mandarin in a crossword very often, and because Frannie is currently enrolled in a Mandarin class, which allowed me to fill it in much more easily than I might have otherwise. FELONY, MORASS, BESET, and SCOURS are good words, and it was amusing (to me) that I had to change ERRors to ERRATA to avoid same. 

On the down side, I thought HOBS (Goblins, in folklore) was a bit NUTS, and PIEPAN (It's found beneath the crust), while it did have a fun clue, seemed a bit off to me. I call them either pie tins or pie plates. Maybe it's a regional thing. Also, although I have probably never written it before, I would prefer "What's the diff?" to "What's the DIF?" But really, "What's the diff," I guess.

In all, it was fine. "Business day" seems a bit less common than "work day," but I'm not going to GOAPE about it. As I said, it was fine. I've seen POORER.

Enjoy the day off, if you've got it, and to all the veterans out there, thank you for serving. May your numbers grow ever fewer.

- Horace

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  1. 10:03
    This was fine. I made the same error as Horace with ERRATA, but quickly repaired it. I didn't love ANTEED, but ICAHN say that I liked learning XIEXIE, for which I needed crosses, having no one at the YBH enrolled in Mandarin class. I've been to BUSINESSCHOOL and am a veteran, but not, thankfully, one of those we celebrate on the other half of VETERANSMEMORIAL. I've also experience with both of WEDDINGPRESENT days. I found the TOILET clue highly amusing. Funny that PONTIUS and OURSAVIOR are in the same grid.