Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau


Today's revealer is suggested by the puzzle's circled squares, in which we find one P where two would normally be expected - literally, TWOPEASINAPOD (the pod, in this case, being the crossword puzzle square). For example, we have VI[PP]ASSES crossing everyone's favorite, the WHO[PP]ERJR. The revealer's clue "Almost twins ... " puts me in mind of a thing that happened to me and my younger sister when we were teens. We were at a hair salon, and a woman asked us if she and I were twins. We said no, and she said, "are you sure?" We thought it was a RIOT

In other amusing AERIEas, I enjoyed the apt C/AP "Betting game in which you could lose your shirt" (STRI[PP]OKER). Apt! I also enjoyed "What might be taken to go?" (EXLAX). We don't often see NYTX constructors working the poo material, but I thought this was a gas. 

I liked what I construed as two crossed Simpsons references, TORI ("Doughnut shapes, mathematically") mmmmm, donuts... and DOH ("[head slap]"). I also liked ROT, LYCEES, MACHONE, and PONCHO. I enjoy thinking of real life situations in which people might actually say, OHO, and who doesn't like NERDS?

Not being a big sports fan, and knowing very little about the NY sports scene, I thought there was rather a lot of 'nets and jets' (THENETS ; NYJET), but as this is the NYT crossword puzzle, I'm going to have to LEGATO



  1. 8:28
    Boy, the "Simpsons" thing is a stretch, Frannie. Impressive that the constructor found eight common theme examples, even though three of the eight are corporate references and one (the FLI[PP]HONES), referred to as "old," is something that I still use. My own is over twelve years old now, which is young in human years. I could probably be described as having the ATTITUDE of a HATER as regards "smart" phones. People should look up for chrissake.

  2. Well smart phones are ridiculous..... unless of course you are using them to solve crosswords, in which case they can provide RANDR.

    Most fun misstep today: "daises" is also 6 letters, even if ROSTRA is what the crosses requires..

  3. 5:02
    WHO[PP]ERJR is such a great answer. I put in the first part and paused when there were two squares left instead of just one (for an S). Nicely done.