Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Dan Schoenholz

The EXTRACHARGE theme adds 'ION' to common phrases which are clued in an amusing manner. My favorite, IRSAUDITION, is a "Job interview for a wannabe tax collector." Although, based on reports from people who've had 'em, I'm positive it would not be a favorite without the ION ending.

For "Starts hearts" at 13A, I tried 'leadS', which is kinda funny because it's an anagram of the correct DEALS. EASEL at 3D for "Studio supporter" is good. I also enjoy an IDIOM and a Yogi BERRA quote, making the north west a top corner for this solver. Elsewhere in the puzzle, I enjoyed the clue "Male delivery" for BOY in the northeast as well as "She might give you her coat" (EWE) in the south east.  


The southwest was more ALIEN to me. I thought "Spout (off)" was an odd clue for POP. I also thought 64A: "___ dye (chemical coloring)" at 64A was a bit far out for a Tuesday, especially as it was crossed by two of the trickier clues in the puzzle: the excellent "Go out briefly?" (DOZE) and the old timey "It can carry a tune" (IPOD). If you hadn't run across any AZO dye recently, you could end up in a real PERIL. I don't mean to sound negative, it's just that reviewers do have to keep an eye on this type of thing. 


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  1. Well, I never heard of AZO dye, and thought it a bit much for a Tuesday, but the crosses were easy enough, even, as Frannie mentions, the "old timey" IPOD. Her father once saved me about $200 by suggesting I get an $8 thumb drive instead of an IPOD to play music in my car. I still use that bit of wisdom. A fine theme, but I guess, even though it's a bit clunky, I like the RUNOFTHEMILLION, being a runner of sorts, due to its absurdity. I expect I will never cross the "one million miles" mark, since a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation tells me I'll need over 950 years of decent running to achieve that, but I've many times over surpassed the 1,000,000 feet mark, so that's something. Sue's just started singing a song with our BAND (The CTY Project) based on a MILEY cover of "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty. It's coming along nicely. 9:43