Monday, October 10, 2022

Monday, October 10, 2022, Byron Walden

Today was a whirlwind of events at work, so apologies that the review gets posted a little late. Hopefully you're still interested in reading my thoughts! I know I am, so I'm excited to find out!

A straightforward and cute theme here, revealed at 67A: Common miniature golf goal ... or a hint to what's found in 17-, 39- and 60-Across (PARTWO). Personally, I'm always excited if I manage to sink a putt putt hole in two shots. Don't know about you, but it's a pretty rare occurrence.

Regardless, the three referenced clues lead to 15-letter grid spanners, each of which has the letter string PAR represented twice. I like SPARRINGPARTNER and PARALLELPARKING much more than PARTSDEPARTMENT, which feels a little meh. But who am I to complain? Have I ever had a puzzle accepted by the NYT? The answer is no, just in case you were wondering. I know I was.

I love the freedom Mr. Walden has given himself with those three answers plus revealer. The least okay answer comes between the third theme answer and the revealer (INANER). That is a silly word, none sillier, and I can't think of a sillierer one. 

Everybody's favorite android, BRENT

But we do get TOTEMPOLE, SEASCAPE, and BOYGEORGE. Oddly enough, in my Peloton ride the other day, I heard a cover of Karma Chameleon. Quick, name another song by Culture Club or its lead singer! I know I can't.

I liked the clue for 42A: White dogs, or bluish-gray cats (MALTESES) - a good excuse for a plural here, based on multiple species. 

Difficulties today came in plopping in PReenS for PRIMPS and EASYaspie for EASYPEASY, which led to an over 3 minute solving time today. But them's the breaks. I know I have.

- Colum

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