Monday, October 17, 2022

Monday, October 17, 2022, Caryn L. Robbins

IMALLEARS is the theme today. Four characters who have prominent ears. BUGSBUNNY is the outlier, because he is a rabbit, and rabbits have large ears. MICKEYMOUSE's unnatural ears have become the symbol of an enormous company. ALFREDENEUMAN, it is said, was modelled on the current king of England (is England still a thing?), so the less we say about that, the better. And, well, then there's MISTERSPOCK, everyone's favorite Star Trek character.

For a while we used to rate 1-Across answers, and today I'd give it a C-minus. 2-Down is a little EDGIER, "Having a concern for wealth and respectability, in slang" (BOUGIE). Imagine! A PERSON having a concern for respectability. The very idea. Being LEGIT is for squares, man.

And speaking of a concern for respectability, when is the last time, do you think, that LAMS (Hasty escapes) was used in casual conversation? Or in any other way besides a crossword?

On the other hand, I quite enjoyed the clue "Like Bo-Peep's sheep" (LOST). Heh. And "You are here" is nice for EARTH.

I'm a big John DONNE fan, so it's always nice to see his name. 

Let's leave it there.

- Horace


  1. Donne has been all over the place recently, both in the puzzle and in the Book Review. A new biography coming out.

  2. It is possible I've heard "on the lam" in casual conversation but I'm not sure. And even less likely outside that stock phrase.