Thursday, October 20, 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022, Rebecca Goldstein

Three little lambs in the field. Field of letters, that is. A lamb, a ram, and a ewe, have each lost their way and become trapped in a black square, turning them into BLACKSHEEP. Cute. Everybody loves a rebus, and a hidden, changeable rebus is even better.

Hello Kitty with her HAIRBOW.
Somebody owes Dick Bruna some money.

I bet AMYPOEHLER would have some funny things to say about being found symmetrically opposite the BLACKSHEEP entry today. And I'm certain Mark TWAIN would enjoy being the center of attention, contending only with the sun.

And also in the center there's that stalwart AOL. It's CDs were everywhere back in the '90s, then it became a joke, but it's still around, and as a matter of fact, it now owns my primary email account. What started as Bell Atlantic became Verizon, then Verizon gave up email and sold that part of their business to AOL. But through it all, they've allowed me to keep the old domain after my email, and for that I thank them. It's like finding an arrowhead in your inbox.

A new friend in my poetry class just sent me a geology-themed poem yesterday, and seeing BASALT (Dark volcanic rock) made me smile to think of it. WEELADS (Some small Scots) was a bit of a random stretch entry, but often, it's the crazier the better. Why not WEELADS, right?

Always nice to start the Turn with a rebus. 

- Horace


  1. Beautiful puzzle! I really enjoyed myself during the solve, and the AHA moment was icing on the cake. Super fill, too, with I'VE GOT A PLAN, HARLEM SHAKE, etc.

  2. As for AOL, I was solving this thinking "well a while ago that would have been AOL but even stodgy old New York Times wouldn't......... oh wait".

    In happier news I really did like this theme, although I'll admit I haven't yet fully learned the lesson that "black" in a revealer is likely to refer to black squares.