Monday, October 3, 2022

Monday, October 3, 2022, Sarah Sinclair

Many of today's theme answers are, I think Horace will be happy to learn, unknown to me - well, not the answers per se, but the DATINGAPP name at the beginning of each one. I have heard of Tinder (TINDERDRY) - a friend of mine just got a job there - but the others, Hinge (HINGEUPON), Match (MATCHPOINT), and Bumble (BUMBLEBEES) no. Fortunately, there were many clues ANODE the answers to - "Good, in Guatemala (BIEN), "State known for potatoes" (IDAHO), and the grim "Gives the Anne Boleyn treatment" (BEHEADS) - ANDSO, there was no need for that particular knowledge for a successful solve. Nice bonus theme material with GHOST ("Stop replying to, as on a 59-Across"). 


Other clues that fit my profile included the entertaining "Pirate's pal" (MATEY), "Ballet, e.g., in French" (DANSE), "Many an expat" (EMIGREE), "Mac alternatives" (PCS), and "Beaver's job" (DAMMING) - heh. I also enjoyed the pair of vampire clues (SLAYER and STAKE) and the SET of tennis clues. 

I wish all who seek to find ACUTE partner that they GOAD well together with the best of luck.