Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Ailee Yoshida

One of the first things that happened this morning was a text from my older daughter, showing me her time on today's puzzle. Well, I know a challenge when I see one! I'm not proud to say that I did in fact beat her time (by 33 seconds), and even less proud to recognize that the pressure caused me to go more slowly than I otherwise would have...

Anyway. Today's theme takes SUPERGIRL and uses it as a synonym for other phrases not typically associated with women, such as GOODFAITH, ROCKINROBIN (excellent), STAR / LILY, and PRETTYPENNY. It's a cute concept. One of my issues in the solve was putting in PRETTYPrice. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Fun to start with a "neurologic" answer at 1D: Like the left brain, in pop psychology (LOGICAL). This turns out to be wrong, wrong, wrong as well. I had a professor during my residency who said that the left brain, because it is the seat of language, is continually generating stories about the world, most of which make absolutely no sense at all. Then it is the job of the right brain to compare those stories with reality and reject the illogical ones. I love this concept!

My favorite sandwich!

I laughed at 45D: Get using will power? (INHERIT). That's beautiful! Otherwise the clues were pretty straightforward.

I will give this to my daughter: I got 58A: Chucked forcefully, in modern lingo (YEETED) directly because of her. For those of you who are interested, it appears the term originated in basketball.

Overall a fun and smooth Tuesday offering.

- Colum


  1. Love that it runs in the family! I wish my boys did crosswords, either type. YEETED I've never ever heard before. Thank you, crossers! Agree, fun and not too difficult. 3:43, for comparison purposes :)

  2. I'll bet my 5:52 is the slowest of the times mentioned so far today. And I had never heard YEETED either. Possibly because I have pretty much forgotten that the NBA is a thing, and possibly because I'm an old man who now exists outside of most pop culture circles. In a good way.