Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Jason Reich

Today's theme answers are common expressions with the letter O appended to make them match jokey clues, for example, "Disney classic without any extra features" is JUSTPLAINDUMBO. The MBO ending of each is preceded by a different vowel - all but E, that is. I looked up words ending in EMBO and I can see why that one wasn't included. In the site I looked at, there were 11 'embo' entries including brembo, kanyembo, and tacuarembo. So, yeah. 

Not to be MEME, but an unhappy result of this grid layout is a substantial band of acronyms and abbreviations across the middle including LIC, OCT, ARC, and LSU just to mention one row. Nearby, there's also the unfortunate "Like intl. addresses, to Americans" (NONUS). 

61D: ALA

OTOH, I enjoyed "No longer on deck" (ATBAT), "It means nothing to the French" (RIEN), and "They know how you feel" (EMPATH). FAILUP is nice fill - although less good in real life unless, I suppose, it's one's own poor performance that gets rewarded. CHURL is also good as a word, but less so as a personality trait. "FANGS a lot" as Dracula's expression of gratitude was fun. 



  1. I liked the clue for OPERA. I did have NOVAs for a long time, but should have realized that quite aside from different ideas about how to form plurals, the average constructor just wouldn't be able to resist the chance to nab another vowel.

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