Saturday, October 29, 2022

Saturday, October 29, 2022, Daniel Okulitch

Today's puzzle went much faster than yesterday's for this puzzler. I ended with a time of 18:44. The bottom half went right along at a brisk TEMPE, but the train slowed a bit up at the top. The section I had the most trouble with there was the far right (ha!). I may be revealing my SOCIALCLASS by admitting I didn't know the SAKS logo was written in script. I will respect Horace's MIRANDARIGHTS and not reveal that he, apparently, did know the logo and dropped that answer right in. :) Funny to me that even with the X of SINTAX in place ("Price for vice") and my residential location being New England, I had to run the alphabet to get "Word after White or Red" (SOX). Derp.

The QMC "Error message?" for OOPS was cute and "Grant in folklore studies?" THREEWISHES was clever. Two less challenging but fun QMCs were "Middle of France?" (CENTRE) and "Predict-able gift?" (ESP). In the non-QMC category, "It means a lot" (MUCHO) was good, but my favorite was "Attire one might grapple with" (SINGLET) - very nice.


Horace and I had a fun time discussing the shape of the puzzle, with ideas of what it looked like that ranged from an old telephone to a storm trooper helmet to a sad puppy face. :)



  1. I had fun with this one -- definitely easier for me than yesterday's -- and I enjoyed the clues very much. 22.29

  2. I finished in 19:30, which is fast for a Saturday. I just finished watching all of the "Mission: Impossible" shows and a SINGLET was often seen while team participants were chosen in a photo of Peter Lupus, who is now 90 years old. I'll go with the storm trooper helmet.