Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tuesday, October 4, 2022, Joe Deeney

Although I kept my EYESONTHEPRIZE as I ZOOMEDALONG in this puzzle, I did not garner a TROPHY, CUP, MEDAL, or any other symbol of success because, dear Readers, I FWOED. The plaque ta the matter is, I entered 'cAV' for "Dallas baller" and failed to check the cross. When will I get UPTOSPEED on sports teams?!?! It sure would have been gneiss if I had thought to check. I think it would have been crystal clear that the answer to "Shimmery mineral" was MICA, not 'cICA.' Derp.

Anyhoo, I'm sure the super solvers among us secured all the prizes available in today's puzzle, which were identified by the circled I's that were literally on the prize - appearing above the first and last letter of the token of recognition that appeared within longer answers. My favorite was getting a TROPHY from an ASTROPHYSICIST, which seemed more exciting than taking a CUP from PLAYEDCUPID or snapping up a MEDAL as one ZOOMEDALONG


Now award about some of the C/APs I enjoyed. I thought "Elbow" for PROD, "Lengthy attack" for SIEGE, and "Spent some time in the cellar" for AGED all deserved honorable mention. The reward for a careful reading of "RĂ©union, par exemple" was the fun answer ILE.

I also enjoyed "Tot's transport" (TRIKE), and the fun fact that "Harley-Davidson, on the N.Y.S.E." is HOG. SCRAWL, PHILIPPPIC, and CRAZE serve as fine decorations. 

Also, nice ribbon classic email disasters with "Risky email button to hit accidentally" (REPLYALL) and its companion "Dangerous email button to hit accidentally" (SEND) - crowning achievements in communication slip-ups.   



  1. So who SLEW vampires on this.....oh wait vampires were the previous day. Never mind.

  2. 37:42. Well, I didn't know LEO I, nor Ms COHEN, nor CRU, nor PHILIPPIC. I vaguely remembered enjoying hearing CIARDI ... on NPR maybe? I enjoyed IVLINE and RUPAUL (of course), and the RAVEN.