Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Dan Schoenholz

Kind of a cool theme today. How to describe it? Take a well known set of initials that have come to stand alone - there's got to be a word for this ... Will? - and then put those into another phrase that means pretty much the same as the original one. Nothing simpler! :)


Let's just use an example. "ASAP" stands for "as soon as possible," but the same letters have been put into the phrase [A]NDMAKEIT[S]N[A][P]PY. See? Neato. The middle one (RSVP, for répondez s'il vous plaît) makes me wonder if I couldn't keep it in French. Maybe ga[r]dez un [s]iège ou[v]ert [p]our moi, but that's 26 letters. Too long even for a Sunday. ... I won't bore you further. With that.

I can't see the word GIGGED without thinking back to high school. I was in a band (saxophone), and one of the guitarists found an amp to buy in the Want Ads, and we were just scrawny kids, and the guy selling the amp was this old geezer, and Pete asked him "So... have you gigged with it?" At the time, I barely knew what he meant, but look at me now, dropping it into the puzzle like an old geezer!

So anyway, ECHINODERM is lovely, and I'm waiting patiently for HOVERBIKES to be more widely available. I could EASEUP on the pedals on my ride to work. Maybe AVOID needing to change whatever shirt I WORE for the ride. 

How 'bout "Item on a bucket list?" for PAIL. Genius. And a nice shout-out to Colum's old dog MILO. :)

And hey, here's another personal anecdote - just this morning I got an email from the Opéra National de Paris (yes... I'm on their mailing list...) advertising the upcoming season, which will include "Nixon in China!" Until a minute or two before I started this puzzle, I had no idea it was an OPERA. Quelle coincidence!

OK, that's probably enough out of me. I quite enjoyed this one.

- Horace

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  1. Ooh ooh I'll gladly join the ECHINODERM fan club. I filled it in off the clue and wondered if it was the sort of thing which was easy peasy for me but which the more literary solvers would complain about the same way I complain about all the authors and actors. Apparently that's not a problem and everyone likes them a good ECHINODERM (where "everyone" means Horace and me).