Thursday, October 27, 2022

Thursday, October 27, 2022, Barbara Lin

Great theme today that it took me some time to figure out. Early signs indicated a rebus. Right at 2D, I couldn't make INORGAN[IC] ("Not derived from living matter") fit without one, but it took me a bit longer to figure where to squeeze in the extra letter. I only realized later that the clues for the theme answers that took a rebus were in italics, a delay justified, I thought, by the fact that the one at 32A was a quote. I "thought" - if I can even call the momentary consideration my mind gave the clue a thought - that the clue was in italics because it was a quote. As I advanced out of the northwest, however, I picked up the pattern and began to make sense of the situation.

I'm not sure why I'm rambling on about that. What I really want to say is that this is a really cool theme. To come up with these theme answers that are regular expressions (of the non-computer variety :) that change just one letter AND fit them into a puzzle is pretty amazing. 
[PM]OWER (POWER MOWER), and the big finish ...


Plus, the corresponding Down answers are good - if, in the case of A[PM]USIC, a little farfetched - is that a thing in high school? The rest of the puzzle is also good, with fun fill like BRAYS, ADIPOSE - you don't see that every day - well, maybe some of us do :) - ROCOCO, IFFY, CATCONDO, and HIMOM

Not to mention a number of fine C/APs like VOID for "Vacuum", OUTDO for "Best", "Alternative to a boot" (TOW), and the amusing, "Solution to some chemistry problems?" (LYE) and "Place where everything should have a mate" (SOC[KD]RAWER). I don't get SOTU for "D.C. address?" I'm sure one of our dear Readers can enlighten me. 

In short, ILOVEDIT!



  1. SOTU stands for "State of the Union," Frannie. Nice write-up!

  2. Took me what seemed like forever to get the theme. I was doing things like trying to put it in as AP[MU]SIC instead of A[PM]USIC and likewise throughout the grid. And I figured something like GOTOE was half an answer but was wanting the other half to be, oh I don't know a diagonal or in some synmetric place or (other vague notions which are hard to even explain in the context of a grid which was filling up and not leaving much room for that sort of thing). Eventually got the aha moment with BREA[KD] (where I had even filled in the down as a rebus because the down clue and its crosses seemed to allow little else, but where I couldn't figure out what that had to do with the across).

    Anyway I said my solve was long (although the timer says only 25 minutes, not really shocking for a Thursday for me), but this comment will be even longer at this rate.In other news, planning an East Coast trip to include the ACPT.

    1. Great news about coming east for the ACPT. C U there!

  3. [GT]OTOE was by far the most surprising (and best) of the theme answers, even though the *idea* of A[PM]USIC is great (I realize it's not technically a theme answer, but it's related). We certainly didn't have that option in the small town where I grew up, but it would've been nice. Enjoyable theme; I always love a rebus on a Thursday and am usually a little let down when it doesn't happen.