Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015, Allan E. Parrish


Not one of my SPEEDIER efforts for a Tuesday.

We have an odd theme today: three longer answers where the second part is a synonym for a horse-drawn vehicle. MARTINLANDAU, very good in Ed Wood. PAPERCARRIAGE is a term I'd not heard before, and in my exhaustively brief Google search I just did two seconds ago, I did not find it. Typewriters have carriages, but they're not referred to as paper carriages. This is a scientific fact. Then you have BATTINGCOACH, which is completely fine. Is it enough? Yeah, it's fine, just not anything amazing.

Fortunately, the less theme, the better the fill, right? There are some nice choices here, including BABUSHKA, ACACIA and COBALT, ANCIENT, EXPOSE, and MISSPENT. Funny thing having TOSTADA across from TOSHIBA, Mexican meeting Japanese across a single black square (actually connected just below by GINSU).

Despite that, I didn't really GROK this puzzle on the whole. DCON and NAZI sit shoulder by shoulder. ORATES is an unaesthetic word. EXO crosses EXPOSE. I never heard of Karen GRASSLE, although Hope immediately knew she was the mother on "Little House on the Prairie."

An uninspiring theme, and fill I didn't love. On a Tuesday.

- Colum


  1. 7:27

    Yeah, I'll go down on record as being in the "didn't much care for it" group. It just kinda seemed uninspired.

    In my high school typing class (one of the most useful classes!), we always called that roller the platen. I guess the carriage is the whole thing, but I just wanted to say platen. Platen.

    I don't know, I guess it's Tuesday, and they've got to run something, right?

  2. 13:18
    I didn't know GRASSLE either, nor did I love the puzzle, even though it had the oft-seen Mauna KEA referenced. JEDI and REBELS: is that a pairing? Or were the rebels in Battlestar Galactica? No, I think it was Star Wars; I'm obviously not a very good geek. I loved BABUSHKA, though, and LAPDOGS. I feel that,all-in-all, my time was not MALSPENT on this puzzle.