Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016, Kevan Choset


RWE (Riddled With Errors)

Maybe I shouldn't solve a puzzle late at night on the sedation side of a couple of cocktails. I "finished" the puzzle rather quickly, but did not get congratulated. I ran through the puzzle and fixed dumb mistake after dumb mistake and was still met with silence. I didn't find the final mistake until I looked at the puzzle again in the morning. It was good night IRENe, good morning IRENA. :|

The theme answers were entered per decree merely met the letter E. Kind of cool for those three people. I wonder if they ever think about it. ELLEN might.

While the clues were pretty straightforward, the fill was solid. DEVILEDEGG and LITTERBUG are both nice. Well, they're nice words. I'm less fond of the things they represent, especially LITTERBUG. Who does that? JEWELER, REGALIA, and RETWEET are also strong. I often consider words in puzzles with a "RE" prefix to be a bit of a stretch (for example: puts on clothing again /*redresses), but RETWEET has the distinction of being a legitimate word because it's a thing people actually do with some regularity.

Mr. TEBOW showed up for work again today. And ONEL was back! I am beginning to get a little homesick for ELHI.

~ Frannie.


  1. 4:29 (FWOE)
    Because I put WARy at 23D: Alert (WARN), and even though REMAyDED was obviously wrong, I didn't take out the Y until I'd finished the puzzle. There's another example of a re- word, which some would say is acceptable. After all, I've never seen anyone mand something. How about ARGUE crossing SEGUE? Two words that should rhyme but don't.

  2. 9:22 (FWOE)
    My error came in at the LHASAN/IRENA cross where I, too, entered an "e." I liked both RIOJA (A-?) and it's counterpoint in the SE, ITSON. TEBOW apparently just tended to a suspected heart attack victim on a recent flight. Lots of names in here. In addition to the theme fill and the aforementioned TEBOW and IRENA, we have ASNER, GARR, EWING, LOAF, ITT, HOLT, SWEEPEA, ROZ, LOBO, AHAB, RENO and HANS as well as place names CAIRO and AKRON. Of course, I realize that some may consider LOAF and LOBO a stretch, given their cluing. GETAROOM is excellent. I won't mention ANAL.

    1. Who is LOAF? Oh, wait, do you mean Meat Loaf? That is a bit of a stretch. Only his closest friends call him that. :)

  3. Just a few puzzles ago I was asking for legal jargon, and I didn't need to wait long: REMANDED is a great word (and not very obscure for me although I suppose mileage may vary). The puzzle was a bit harder than usual for Monday, with HANS,
    HOLT, TEBOW, and of course our now good friend IRENA. Still, at 8:50 I was only a minute off my good/typical time.