Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016, Jonathan M. Kaye

45:54 - a palindromic number, but that's the only beautiful thing about it.


I'm a SAP for thinking I could go out on a high note. Not only did I complete this puzzle incorrectly, but as of this writing I still don't get the trick or theme or whatever it is. The locus of the error occurred where 35A and 30D meet in the middle. I confidently entered coP for Fuzz at 35A while convincing myself that soP could work for 30D (Person taken for a fool). And speaking of... as the British might say - not because of the recent Brexit controversy but because it seems to be a feature of Britons that they leave their aphorisms half said - I was convinced that 24A. Prisoner's assignment: Abbr. would be some obscure answer there'd be no way IDNO so I hardly even thought about it. SILLYME.

I'll have to leave it to my esteemed readers to comment on the theme. I did think the fill featured some nice words like ETHERLARD, SURGEBEDEW, and SPONGES. Plus, I always love the word ROT for nonsense. And how about Tout? A nice rarely-encountered-by-me word. I surprised myself by getting 4D. Positions in Quidditch (SEEKERS) right out of the gate. Who know I'd remember that? On the other hand, I did enter hero for Sub (5A) temporarily, which was not helpful. 

There was quite a crowd of people in the puzzle today: ERIKA, SAL, EDNA, ONEIL, BELA, ABEL, ELIZA, ENOS, GRAF, and DINAH! but I only knew half of them - I'm not really a people person. 

I am sorry I couldn't figure out today's trick. Maybe it's an OMEN. I guess I'll LIELOW for a while.

~ Frannie out.


  1. 14:09

    Funny how sometimes you can see things and sometimes you can't. As soon as I came to 38A I filled it and 39A immediately and knew that we were to take the top half off of the theme clues to reveal hidden words. My favorite, and the trickiest, I think, was 61A: VMB which, when you slice it in half horizontally, leaves vivid. Well, it would if the non-v letters were actually capital letters at half the line height.

  2. 31:35
    It took a little while, even after I filled in the revealer, to figure out the theme, which I thought was great. My favorite was 46A 8V8TB (SHAPEDLIKEANEGG) [ovoid]. The related 9D and 10D was nice (EMU / TALLEST). LARD: gross; I'm glad that we've moved on from that. My grandmother made a bread that was delicious, of course, but always gave me incredible heartburn, which I now attribute to lard. I needed a few crosses for SEEKERS. Loved 5D Result of needling someone? (TAT) and 8D Possible hitch to getting hitched (PRENUP). Excellent Thursday.

  3. I loved this puzzle while I was solving it. The theme seemed clever and unique, and it was fun putting my finger across the clues to see what word appeared. But the more I've thought about it since, the less impressed I've been. I guess part of me thinks it's dumb that the theme clues are just random collections of numbers and letters. So put me in the ambivalent camp. Favorite clue was "Reed section." Love seeing the often mispronounced MAUVE.

  4. 11:26 (FWTE). I too put in COP and failed to understand the crosses appropriately. NAP is a very nice synonym for "Fuzz". I loved the theme. And that's all you need to know.

  5. I meant to mention how great the clue for SASSY is, although some don't enjoy a quote (67A Saying "Talk to the hand 'cause the face don't care," say). I'd also starred SPONGES (43D Heavy drinkers, informally), but Frannie mentioned it.