Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016, Finn Vigeland

Attending Physicians

I ASSUME (B+) you all liked this puzzle as much as I did. I busted an LOL when I figured out two of the theme answers DRPEPPERSPRAY and DRWHOSYOURDADDY. Ha!

I also just generally liked Mr. Vigeland's use of language throughout the puzzle. There, I said it. When I sat down to write the review, I started typing out clue/answer pairs that I thought were good; the list went on and on. I ended up with 24 pair, which seemed like too many to include in the review, but we'll see. I may need them to pad this thing out. :) I am compelled to call out some of my top favorites, especially the nicely contemporary HUGITOUT (16D) - does anyone really resolve a dispute that way? Maybe they do just by suggesting it. :)

In addition to HUGITOUT, there were several other contemporary references such as SEXTS, HAHA (Facebook reaction button - who knew?), MEH, UBER, and GIFS (Loopy little films?). I think Mr. Vigeland must be one hep cat.

GOOGOO, as eyes, say, is great. As is OHBOOHOO. So many O's. And, I'm  going to go out on a limb here to approve - and even like - a three-letter abbreviation. But it's apt. APT! 32A. Busy APR. workers (CPAS).

Other entries I enjoyed:
101A. A little progress, idiomatically (DENT)
116A. Broccoli pieces (FLORETS).
69D. Future dealings? : (TAROT)
97D. Time to give up : (LENT)

There were only a few items that caused me to POUT.
26A. In ___ (gestating): UTERO - TMI.
55A. Nosy person's request: (MAYISEE) - That's one polite nosy person. I was looking for something more personal and buttinskyish like howmuch or saymore.
29D. Knight's greeting: (MYLADY) - I actually like this one, but it struck me as a little random.

Overall, just what the doctor ordered.

~ Frannie


  1. 29:11
    Too easy, and B+ for ASSUME? There's an ass right in there! Nice review, though, and I agree with most of it. Great to have JANET in there (Dammit Janet! I love you.) COXED is excellent, as is JLAW, although I've never referred to her in that manner. I'm not familiar with SYOSSET, but the crosses are fair, nor am I acquainted with LANOTTE. RHYTHM is an excellent word, and its clue, 78D Beat, had me thinking in an entirely different direction, although it didn't hold me up for too long.

  2. Definitely too easy. I finished in under 75% of my usual Sunday time. But I loved just about everything about it. SUPERBOWLMVP? Classic. 71D: Chip material (POTATO). Hah! 20A: It may be waved from the top of a pyramid (POMPOM). Beautiful. DRWHOSYOURDADDY is the best theme answer, but I really liked DRJCREW also. Lots of fun.